NEW Phone Group!
Breaking a Chronic Relapsing Pattern

Fee: $275 per 10 weeks
Times: Wed. 5-6 pm PST
(800) 278-8050

This weekly, one hour phone group is designed for any past clients, no abstinent requirement, who want to, once and for all, break free from the shame of relapsing and step into freedom from the eating addiction!

This group is limited to 8 participants.

Eating Addiction Recovery Phone Groups

Make a group commitment to work through the NEW Workbook that accompanies Becky's book, Dieting: A Dry Drunk.

Dieting: A Dry Drunk
Workbook Study

Fee: $275 per 10 weeks

Phone Groups Are Ongoing

Times: Tue. 4:30 - 5:30 pm PST
  Thurs. 5:30 - 6:30 pm PST
(800) 278-8050

This group will build ongoing support by sharing email with group members and in addition, there will be suggested readings, writing and meditations. Join us to strengthen your commitment and recovery.

This group is limited to 8 participants.
A screening and intake are required if you are a new client.

To register, or for
additional information,
call (800) 278-8050


"Becky never ceases to amaze me with her wisdom, compassion, and just plain common sense.  My life has changed in ways that I never thought possible since working with her. My recovery from my eating addiction has resulted in positive benefits with regard to my work, my relationships, and my overall sense of well-being.  I could not have made those changes without Becky and the wonderful and caring support of the phone group.   Thank you."

~ Anne

"Becky Jackson offers the most profound, most illuminating approach to addictive eating that I've ever seen.  It's practical rather than theroetical.  The problem is compulsive eating and Becky presents the solution.  I've read so many books, had so much therapy, been on every diet.  It is through Becky's work that I am learning that it is possible to live in the real world, with real food, real situations and still have stable abstinence and freedom from the pain of this devastating addiction...forever."

~ Wendy


"I highly recommend Becky Jackson’s Inner Family Workshop for anyone who wants an efficient and powerful tool to create peace and wholeness within themselves. I'm already a big fan of Becky's but this workshop far exceeded my expectations. Since taking it I feel more comfortable in my own skin. The meditations and exercises are one I can use whenever I need to support myself, and it’s a great adjunct to her other recovery models."
~ Susan G.

"Instead of allowing my past to cripple me, I have instead been able to make friends with so much pain brought about by having my inner family being supported by new newer, wiser selves. I am continuing to learn how to do that with my work with Becky's Inner Family workshop. I will most certainly take her classes again, for it was extremely helpful in my recovery work. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to not only aid in healing old hurts, but to move on and thrive."
~ Linda M.

"I have been using Becky’s Inner Family work in my recovery and my life for over 30 years. The work has allowed me to do what I consider to be extraordinary healing with my younger selves, to connect with parts of myself I had kept hidden for a very long time, to be the kind of mom to my inner kids they didn’t have in this life, and to join us all in a strong, healthy, whole woman. Thank you Becky for creating this work!
Margo C.

Having taken Becky's Inner Family workshop, I can encourage anyone who wants a deeper connection with their spirit to take advantage of working with Becky. I had many healing and compassionate encounters with my inner family and am grateful to Becky for her guidance.

~ Phyllis K.

"Little did I realize that my inner family is with me and within me at all times and can be a mastermind of support and ideas to me.

A mother of three kids, I expressed to Becky after a certain point along the workshop process, it was as if I was finally a woman--and not my wounded 17 year old raising my children.

I finally had a mother's compassion and sympathy for my teenaged daughter, rather than battling wills with her, using a teenager's tools as I had been all along.

Perhaps most magical of all, I am now aware of the present... of the me who is here and now. I'm even aware of this for my children. How important it is now for me to think that I want to help their current ages and mine to be as happy and healthy as possible.

And it's definitely a journey, but one that with Becky's inner family group I did not have to begin alone. Now I know that I'm never alone.

My inner family is no longer a theory but a living source within me who I see as my record keepers and guides when I come up to any obstacle."

~ Heather M.